Engaging Community Based Organizations and Older Adults in the use of Electronic Health Records

One of the biggest challenges in developing effective clinical partnerships to facilitate continuity of care expressed by GWEPs and our partner community based organizations (CBO) is the ability to effectively communicate bidirectionally about patient care. The largest obstacle to communication is access to the appropriate level of patient data across organizations and individuals, which involves access to, and communicating via the electronic health record (EHR). Further, engaging older adults in the use of the EHR remains a critical piece of chronic care management. Increasing the effectiveness of the EHR for all users is critical to ensure that we are meeting the needs of older adults in health care.

On October 26-27, 2017, five GWEPs met at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago to share their experiences with CBO and older adult engagement in the EHR. We are grateful to the GWEP Coordinating Center for funding this meeting.


The materials shared here are products of this meeting. A full report will follow in 2018.