Health Ambassadors

Health Ambassadors

Program Description

Primary care clinic staff cannot manage multiple chronic conditions (MCC) and Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) effectively in a vacuum. CATCH-ON primary care team expansion includes our innovative development of trained Health Ambassadors, diverse members of the community who may not typically play a role in direct health care delivery but are uniquely positioned to do so. Working from within the community empowers members of the community to become integral team members. A growing literature on Community Health Workers (CHWs) demonstrates the effectiveness of this liaison position between health care providers and vulnerable populations on health outcomes. Individuals without formal CHW training, but with some basic training, may also serve an important role in observing, reporting on, and supporting the prevention and management of MCC with special focus on ADRD.

Learning Communities

Learning Communities for Health Ambassadors (HAs) will offer discussion with HAs and practice experts from CATCH-ON collaborators regarding the role of community members in older adult health along with enhancement and reinforcement of education module content.

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